Drive Over Bund – 5Mt length. PVC wrapped memory foam, 70mm high


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Flexible floor bunding is manufactured from high-density memory foam encased in heavy-duty PVC. It is installed with adhesive to secure it to the ground and create a bund so liquids can’t pass under it. The triangular wedge-shaped profile collapses as vehicles drive over it and spring back to shape. This allows for a steady pass for forklifts without compromising their load as they cross the bunding. This PVC drive-over bunding is manufactured in a standard 75mm height, which generates greater containment capacity in the case of smaller footprints.

The high-grade 900gsm PVC has excellent chemical resistance. For chemicals unsuitable for PVC bunding, this can be custom-made using an alternative geomembrane fabric.

Installation of this spill containment bunding is moderately complex. The bunding can be reinforced with an aluminium flat bar or rubber strip along the edges. This is helpful when there is a high frequency of vehicle traffic because it holds the flexible floor bunding more firmly in place. Corner pieces are available to create custom-shaped bunded areas.

For every 10m length, you will require 2 x tubes of adhesive sealant.

This bunding is not designed for Class 3 Flammable Liquid environments.

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Dimensions 5000 × 70 mm