Spill Pallet Standard 4 Drum


Four-drum spill pallet with drain, made from 100% high strength HDPE by injection moulding. All polyethylene construction provides excellent durability and compatibility with most chemicals.



  • Suitable for up to 4 x 205L drums
  • Interchangeable grates for deck/pallets with large openings for easily leak detection and removal of spills
  • 4-way access by forklift
  • Nestable design to minimise space for storage and transportation
  • 19mm threaded drain plug
  • Cut out recess for lifting by hand for separating bunds when nested together
  • Working temperature range from -40oC to 60oC

Weight: 36 kg
Sump Capacity: 250 litres
Load capacity (UDL): 3000kg
Pallet Bund Colour: Yellow HDPF
Grate Material: Black HDPE
Dimensions: 130 cm x 130xm x 30cmH
Forklift Channels CM: 31.7cm (W) x 10.8cm (H), inside spread 17.8cm

Additional information

Weight 36 g
Dimensions 1300 × 1300 × 300 mm